Terms & Conditions

⦁ Information and figures are subject to change, as it is not unusual for this list to be updated.
⦁ This is our General Pricing Policy. A custom Package can be negotiated for you, to amend/change any clause within this policy.
⦁ Trips to our regular as well as extended areas – EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH OR CENTRAL, can be done by us.
⦁ We offer four (4) types of packages – RED, BLACK, WHITE or STARTER Packages. The Cost of trips to ALL REGULAR AREAS range between $40 -$55 per trip/delivery, depending on the package you purchase. Details of these packages are seen on our website UNDER THE “RATES” TAB – ⦁ www.tripstt.com.
⦁ WEST – Regular service areas include as far as Diego Martin / Carenage. Further west may be considered extended.
⦁ NORTH – Regular Service areas include as far as CUC. Further North may be considered extended.
⦁ SOUTH – Regular Service areas include as far as San Fernando and immediate environs. Further South may be considered extended.
⦁ CENTRAL –  Regular Service areas include as far as Couva / Freeport. Some innermost parts of central may be considered extended.  
⦁ EAST – Regular service areas include as far as Sangre Chiquito. Further east may be considered extended.

NB: Trips to our regular areas carry the following costs
⦁ RED PACKAGE- $35 per trip
⦁ BLACK Package- $45 per trip
⦁ WHITE Package- $50 per trip
⦁ STARTER PACKAGE – $40 per trip
⦁ PAY AS YOU GO PACKAGE -$40 per trip
⦁ FREE AGENT (no package) $55 per trip

⦁ The Cost of trips to our EXTENDED areas carry a flat rate of $15 additional. Some extended areas may require bulk delivery or the bulk delivery cash equivalent. Bulk delivery requirements can be seen on the last section/table of this policy document.
⦁ RED, BLACK, WHITE & STARTER PACKAGE HOLDERS DO NOT PAY ADDITIONAL FOR EXTENDED AREAS – once the bulk requirement is met (see the table on the final page for bulk delivery requirement). Therefore, The package holder pays a flat fee of their package “per delivery’ cost, for delivery nationwide – inclusive of extended areas, once they have met the bulk requirements. If bulk requirements are not met, then the bulk delivery cash equivalent applies.
⦁ If a Package is not purchased, then the base cost for delivery starts at $55. This starting price may vary depending on certain factors.

⦁ Trips must be used /booked, in batches, according to the package purchased.
⦁ For Package holders, (RED BLACK WHITE STARTER packages), Trip batches are at least 2 orders at a time. If a single trip is required, then the base rate of $55 would apply.
⦁ If a “PAY AS YOU GO” customer requires single package delivery, then the base rate of $55 would apply, instead of $40.

⦁ Trips will be made within 2-3 business days from the time the order was picked up. This is our standard delivery time.
⦁ Same day and Next day trips can be ordered.

⦁ SAME DAY TRIPS! must be ordered by 9am on the day that the trip is required, and carry an additional $20 same day fee. Same day trips require at least 2 deliveries for ’PAY AS YOU GO‘ customers. If only one delivery is required same day for PAY AS YOU GO CUSTOMERS, then the base cost of $55 will be applied, plus same day fee of $20. All other RED BLACK AND WHITE & STARTER Package holders, do not require a bulk amount for same day delivery.
⦁ NEXT DAY TRIPS! must be ordered by 5pm on the day before delivery is required. FOR “PAY AS YOU GO” CUSTOMERS only, Next day trips require at least 2 deliveries, and would carry a $15 additional cost. If only one delivery is required by the “pay as you go” package holder, then the base rate of $55 would be applied. RED BLACK WHITE AND STARTER PACKAGE HOLDERS DO NOT PAY ADDITIONAL for next day deliveries, and are not required to book in bulk here.
⦁ Some areas may be considered dangerous / high risk areas. In such cases, customers would be required to meet at the closest mutual area to the drop off point.
⦁ Packages bought expire ONE MONTH from purchase, and therefore, must be renewed. No roll overs apply.

⦁ REMITTANCE – Cash will be returned to you in one of three ways:
⦁ 1. We can transfer the cash into your account. any money transferred would attract a small processing and transaction fee of 2% of the sum transferred
⦁ 2. We can arrange for cash to be returned at NO COST, once we’re collecting another order for delivery- which must be done within 7 days.
⦁ 3. We will return the cash to you with no obligation for another delivery at the same time. This would simply cost the price of a trip.

⦁ Money from any transaction that uses our linx facility will be transferred to your business’ bank account each Thursday.
⦁ Trips Packages are non-Transferable (to another business or another person.
⦁ Package holders will NOT PAY for pickup of packages.
⦁ Once pick up is required from an extended /rural area, then it will require the bulk delivery requirement (as stated on the last portions of this policy document)

⦁ All additional costs that were attracted by same day, next day or extended areas, must be covered at the point of package pick up for delivery, or at a negotiated / mutually agreed time.
⦁ By accepting this agreement, you agree that All goods collected by TRIPS from your business, do not belong to TRIPS, but are solely the property of you the undersigned/Merchant.
⦁ All information about the products as per booking form is true and correct.
⦁ Items that weigh more than 15lbs may be subject to an additional cost
⦁ Items that are considered “Bulky,” (surpassing the approximate size of a small grocery box), may be subject to an additional cost
⦁ If the deliveree location differs from what was originally placed at the point of booking, it may attract additional costs, especially if the location cost parameters have been affected.
⦁ If a customer cancels their order after the driver has been dispatched, the trip will be counted as completed.
⦁ Once you’ve read these terms, and agree to them, feel free to let us know, and proceed to the payment option on our website, by clicking Agree, and proceed to payment. Payment is also available via bank transfer. If there are any questions about the payment process, let us know, and we shall assist!

NB: These areas serve as markers, therefore extended areas in their environs may be priced according to the following as well:


** END**