Frequently Asked Questions

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Delivery is made within 24-48 hours after your Goods are picked up!

Trips can be booked in three (3) ways

  1. Directly from the app
  2. Directly from our website
  3. Through contacting us via telephone or whatsapp on 68-TRIPS

TRIPS will deliver single packages up to a weight of 30 lbs. There is no minimum weight.

The maximum package weight per trip is 50 lbs. We WILL deliver packages to customers over 50lbs, however this would incur an additional cost for this particular delivery.

The cost of a trip would depend on factors such as

  1. Delivery schedule requirement (express/same day/ next day)
  2. Location
  3. Package
  4. Weight
  5. Contact us for corporate rates, or see our rates page for packages!

Yes you can! Our Package tracking Feature is available on our website. Simply insert the package ID, and a report would be generated and sent directly to you! 

Yes we do! payments can be collected on behalf of clients, and transferred to your bank account within two to three working days. Payments can also be made in advance via our TRIPS APP or WEBSITE

Both Linx & Cash Transactions are facilitated by us. We return cash to you in one of three ways:

1. We can return the Cash Directly to your Account

2. We can return the cash to you at the point of pick up for another package delivery

3. We can return the cash to you with no obligation for another delivery, simply for the cost of the trip.

Yes, You can be notified, either via our package tracking feature, or via our daily cash report sent to you.

An Express trip can be done for you, when your trip request is prioritized, and delivery is made directly from your location to your desired destination.

Yes however, this attracts a cost for the wait time, apart from the actual base delivery cost.

No, however, we we may be able to deliver a microwave!

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